Laura Hamilton shares her preparations for the final stages of pregnancy!

Less than 5 weeks to go and counting!

I’m now back in the UK and have finished filming with ‘A Place in the Sun’ until next March.  I had a great time away filming but I cannot believe that our little one is due in just less than 5 weeks.  One thing for sure is that I am not getting too hung up on my due date as I realise that the chances of the baby arriving then are pretty slim.


On Location filming 'A Place in the Sun' in Granada

On Location filming ‘A Place in the Sun’ in Granada


Should the baby arrive early, I feel that I am as organised as I can possibly be.  My hospital bag is packed, the nursery is ready and the freezer is full of meals I have made as I’m sure that food shopping might be a priority quite a way down the list for a couple of weeks.

I think I’ve been extremely lucky over the last 8 months I have had a relatively easy pregnancy.  Yes, my boobs have started producing milk and leaking, I’ve suffered with heart burn, cramp and it has been difficult getting comfortable at night over the last few weeks, but other than that it has been relatively plain sailing!

I have decided against writing a birth plan because I am going to keep an open mind about things.  Having completed my hypnobirthing course, I’m hoping to put all of that in to practise but if I need the drugs I am going to have them.  If my labour goes as well as my pregnancy then I will be very happy but something tells me it might not be that simple… I’ve got everything crossed!

Wish me luck! Until next time…

Laura x


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